Giving Up Is Not An Option


Cancer can touch you, but not your soul; neither your thoughts, nor your heart.”

– Vikrmn


On November 24th 2018, we collaborated on a video shoot for the Strike Cancer with My Little Moana project for the National Cancer Society Malaysia.

In the beginning, like most kids, they were shy but quickly got confident when they saw how awesome they looked wearing the superhero costumes! In no time, they began to have fun and in that moment, we realised that they had forgotten about the illness that they were fighting and it made us feel small.

These kids were definitely stronger than us.

This experience has brought a new light into our project, working with a team who wants nothing more but happiness and joy to be spread around made us feel thankful that we were able to contribute our efforts to this project.

And we can’t wait to join more of these projects so we can give back to the community who is doing so much for these kids.


Roman is a genuine and intrepid French man, having been traveled most of his life to other parts of the world. He has also raised money for charity by cycling over 2000km for organisations such as The Australian Red Cross, Amnesty International Greenpeace, and One Girl.

He now resides in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with his wife and works as a professional photographer for My Little Moana. Specialising in lifestyle photography, corporate events as well as weddings, Roman enjoys capturing people when they are most happy.

In mid-March 2019, Roman will be cycling around Malaysia for 10 days in order to help promote awareness for the National Cancer Society Malaysia. Then in June, he will begin the Big Journey and is requesting those interested to follow him on the journey.

The Big Journey is a plan by Roman to get out and strike the most dreadful disease on Earth, Cancer. In his ride this time, he’s cycling to overcome the obstacle that most cancer patients endure with their battle against the illness. He will begin his ride in his hometown Les Sables d’Olonne, France and finish his track in Azerbaijan. The journey is 5000km long and is set to be finished in a limited time of 3 months.

Roman will be sponsored by Foresttrek, a Kuala Lumpur based cycling centre. They have been generous enough to provide him with a bike and the accessories to complete his journey.

You can help donate for Roman’s Big Journey by clicking the button on the right.


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