November 9 2019


We met three years ago, through a mutual friend. I had been single for 6 years as I had no intention in being in a relationship with anyone. I knew that I wanted to explore life and travel the world while I was still young, and giving out false hope to women isn’t my style. 

But in early 2016, I felt that maybe I want to settle down and get married. So that was when I asked our friend, Ainul Aishah. At that time, Nadia and I didn’t know each other but we both knew Ainul. 

So what I told Ainul was to matchmake me with someone that I can share a lifetime with because I didn’t want to play around anymore. So she invited myself and Nadia to have lunch at Pavilion. There were a few other people during lunch too, so it wasn’t just the two of us. That was when we were introduced to each other for the first time. 

At this time, Nadia just entered the film & entertainment industry so she was active in acting in some TV dramas so her schedule was quite hectic. But I still asked her out for a movie date to get to know her more. 

She wasn’t interested in me at that time, haha, and I think we both felt that maybe we didn’t have chemistry back then. So we didn’t stay in touch for around two years. 

In mid-2018, we started talking on Instagram and I asked her out, again. But this time, we clicked. We went for a midnight movie and thankfully there weren’t other people in the hall because we spent the whole time talking. Since then, we have not stopped talking to each other. 

I then asked her out to Troika and I asked her to be my girlfriend, I told her honestly that I wasn’t looking for a girl to play around with but I’m looking for a wife and I saw that in her. Unfortunately at that time she wasn’t ready yet, she told me that she had to think about it first.

But I didn’t want to let this chance to waste so I asked her out for a second date at the Majestic and I asked her to be my girlfriend again – I was elated when she said yes.

So we got together at the end of November. I had a family trip to London and Paris in February so I was thinking of bringing her there too. We had our merisik session on January 12th, which was before our trip. 

In Paris, I arranged for a photoshoot session – I told her it was just a casual photoshoot session. But when she was facing the Eiffel tower, I got on one knee behind her and when she turned around, she could see that I was proposing to her.

That was when she cried and said “Yes.” After that, we had our engagement ceremony on May 4th.


I was single for 2 years before I met Mu’izz, I never really felt like I needed to be in a serious relationship with anyone. 

Then I met Mu’izz through my best friend who told me, “He’s okay, he’s a nice guy and all.” My sister also went to meet him. At first, I didn’t think much into wanting to have a serious relationship so I told myself that we’ll just be friends first. 

So I continued with my work and at the end of 2018, I realized that Mu’izz would always watch my Instagram story and he was always the number one at the viewer’s list. He’d also message me with “Hi” and never gave up – you could say that he was quite persistent.

Then he invited me to watch a movie, I actually delayed a bit in answering because I didn’t feel like going to watch but then I agreed to go for a midnight movie. 

But like Mu’izz said, instead of watching the movie we chatted instead! At that time, I felt like we didn’t even have to try hard to get the other person to like us – it just happened so naturally. We clicked right after, he was always there to listen to my point of view and we became close friends. 

After a few months, he proposed to me to be his girlfriend but I declined because I don’t like giving hope to people. Luckily he was okay, he wasn’t visibly upset or stopped talking to me. But when I went home, I thought to myself, “Why not give him a chance?” 

A few weeks after that, he proposed the question again and I said yes. I felt at that point, “Why not? What else am I waiting for?”

Being with him, I feel very supported in every way. He’s supportive and always wants me to be more successful – never wanting me to stop from doing anything that I want to try and do. 

Never once did he tell me to not do things or say things such as, “Don’t do this because I don’t like it.” and I’m grateful for that because I don’t like the feeling of being controlled. Especially with my line of work, he’s very encouraging – he wants me to go further in my career and see how far my acting career can take me. 

He’s also very patient – I have lots of fans and he doesn’t mind that! Haha. Even if a scene in a drama where I have to touch my co-star’s hand, he understands that it’s work and it’s not like I simply wanted to touch their hand.

Mu’izz: Yes, because that’s her job. As long as she knows her limit and myself as her partner needs to understand and respect her job.

See? It’s fate! Allah really made me for him. With him I feel really comfortable, he respects me and my family, and his family accepts me as I am.

Also, I always needed someone who had an artful soul where we can discuss art and films – he and I both look at art as something that’s meaningful.

And when he invited me to Paris for the proposal, I really didn’t know about it at all – I was so surprised! And I think that when someone is sincere and really wants to spend a lifetime with you, they’d really show it. At that moment I felt like, “It’s time! This is it!” so I cried because I was so happy. 

Then when we got back, and the process of the engagement happened and both families agreed to our decision to get married and they were very happy, which was important to me. 

What was your first impression of each other?

Mu’izz: She is a very family person, that’s what caught my heart. She’s very protective of her family and she puts them first. At the same time, she’s very soft-spoken, has a sincere heart and is a really humble person. Also, she always knows how to make me smile! It feels so effortless when we’re together.

Nadia: When we first met in 2016, I thought he was a playboy. But I’m glad I was proved wrong! He’s very attentive, non-judgemental and doesn’t take advantage and is sincere when it comes to being friends. That night when we clicked, I felt his sincerity in taking care of my heart and I’ve felt secure with him ever since then. 

What was the sweetest memory you have of each other?

Nadia: Definitely, the day that it all started, our movie date night. And Mui’zz’s proposal to me in front of the Eiffel tower.

Mu’izz: I second that!

"I hope that we can be together forever. And that I can support him in terms of his career and that we'll continue to support each other as lifetime partners and become best friends until the end. I hope that we'll be successful together and we'll go through any hardships together."

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