Solemnization of Rayza and Amalina

Rayza and Amalina would describe themselves as polar opposites. Rayza, the reserved one, and Amalina, the outspoken one.

But we all know the age-old saying, “Opposites attract.

The moment Rayza got to know Amalina, he was fascinated by how her mind worked. Her ideas to change the world, her passion to help those who are silenced to be heard. But he was uncertain as to how she would achieve these things because… she was doing it alone.

He can’t allow someone so precious to him get hurt in the process of saving others.


He’ll be there for her. Promising her that if she were to save the world, he’ll save it with her.

Hand in hand.

Amalina would describe Rayza as one who approaches life carefully, meticulously, and orderly. There was something about how he advances through life that struck a cord in her. Being a lawyer, she appreciates the beauty of having a system and how one can never be too serious about what they want most in life.

She needed someone like that. Someone who would share the burden of helping others with her.

And she would walk towards the edge of the world with him if he would too.

She would carry others on her shoulder if he were on the other side carrying them too.

Opposites do attract.

And in their case…

It was a beautiful attraction.

An attraction so graceful,

That it had completely shifted the paradigm of their life.

Rayza x Amalina

There’s a door in my heart,
And I’ve always kept it close,
I never wanted to get hurt,
I guess that’s why I avoided myself,
From the pain of a heartache.

But then there’s you,
Someone who’s mind is more beautiful,
Than the sunset on the horizon,
Someone who’s fearlessness surpasses
One’s own happiness.

Without realising,
The door in my heart began to open,
God is Almighty; God is All-Knowing,
It was then I knew…
And I guess…
I’ve… known this all along,
That the shape in my heart…
…Was in the shape of…

Videography by Twinception Productions  (IG & FB)

Photography by Hafizudin Hamdan (IG & FB)

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