Wedding of Farhan & Dayana

Dayana and Farhan met when they were just teenagers, an age where the old ones would say that they are still too young to even understand what love means.

Back then, everyone thought it was just the usual puppy love that every teenagers go through,

You know, the kind of love where you’re infatuated with the person who goes to the same school or tuition as you. 

But to them, they felt that it was more than just young love.

They knew that they were lucky to have found their soulmate at such a young age, and that it was with each other that they want to spend the rest of their life with. 

Having been through a lot of trials and tribulations together, the pair created a bond so strong that they understand each other completely without having to explain it in words. 

Yet, they pulled through, defying the odds and almost surely proving all those who doubted them wrong and that yes, young love can grow maturely if you tend it with enough love, care, and understanding. 

Still madly in love and finding new things about each other to learn and love about, they’re glad that they stayed strong not only for each other but for those who they love and those who understand the connection that they have. 

It’s been 11 long years of being in love and to finally be called husband and wife,

the two can now finally breathe easy and say 


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