The Solemnization of Elliyana & Raof

To us, intimate weddings are the most beautiful. Especially when it’s a gathering of both sides of the family and a few close friends and relatives.

The magic is somehow more prominent and the emotions are raw. Truly a scene to behold and just craves to be captured and felt by all present.


Elliyana and Raof’s solemnization is one that falls under this category. Held at TTDI Hills, the solemnization was held at night, witnessed by all who gathered to see the tying of love of the two lovers.

The couple were donned in white while their family wore dusty silver. To further complement the outfits, the decorations had playful splashes of pink and purple.

The colours of romance and royalty. Befitting for the King and Queen of the day on the day of celebrating their highest point of love.

Before the solemnization began, Raof and his entourage entered the hall and was greeted by the family members from the bride’s side.

As bridesmaids walked in to carry the wedding exchange, Elliyana and her mother followed and took their place at the dais.

The event ended with happy faces all around. Sighs of reliefs are heard as the vows were delivered beautifully.

At the end of it all, Elliyana and Raof knew that this was the beginning of something bigger and more magical than they can ever imagine.

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