Subang Wedding of Azhar & Nadjwa

Azhar and Nadjwa met each other at work. To others, they might find it hard to work in the same office with your significant other but to them, it’s great.

You get to have your best friend in the same office as you, who wouldn’t want that?

Photo by Ayul Rahman

The pair bonded over their love of cats and the fact that they’re both easy going individuals. Although for Nadjwa, she finds it hard to like someone but when she met Azhar, her heartstrings strummed to a song she has never heard before. The song was beautiful, like birds chirping early in the morning when they greet the rays of sun that peek shyly over the clouds in the sky above.

For Azhar, a quiet guy, he found it surprising that someone as reserved as him can get to know someone who is there to listen to his thoughts and dreams. To find someone who listens to you is hard, but to find someone who understands you is… well, rare. And he cannot thank God enough for bringing her into his life.

Photo by Ayul Rahman

Now that they are beginning their journey as husband and wife, it will be an adventure of a lifetime. Sure the road ahead is rough and will test them to their limits but if they have each other, no matter in good or bad times, it will be worth it.

And for these two, the memories that they’ll create together will be the sweetest memory they can ever have.

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