Solemnization & Reception of Iqbal and Intan

The wedding of Iqbal and Intan could be defined as a very intimate and homely wedding, with the guests consisting of their relatives as well as very close friends.

Held at their house as well as Dewan Jubli Perak Sultan Hj Ahmad Shah in Kuantan, the couple chose a flower garden theme to commemorate nature.

For the solemnization, their white wedding attire stands out against the greens and colours from the flowers. While for the reception, his blue suit appears soft against her white dress. For both events, the soft lighting can’t help but allow the guests to feel as though they had been transported to a flower garden.

During the solemnization, it was an emotional affair as the days counting down to this one moment was finally achieved. Something that the two of them had been waiting for a while – to be together as one in this world, became a reality.

It was more beautiful than a fairy tale.

To end our blog post for this adorable couple, here is a prose especially for them.

Iqbal x Intan

There comes a time in the life of a man
Where he’ll take the heart of another man’s daughter
And call her his live, his love, his wife

The hours that ticks by before the final moment strikes
Will skip anyone’s heartbeat
Will sweat anyone’s brow
Will make one lose their breath

The sight of the woman he chooses as his wife
Will assure his decision to marry
The sight of the man she chooses as her husband
Will strengthen her love for him

Sometimes tears are inevitable
They’re signs of life
They’re signs of love
They’re signs of joy

And for one to cry, it is only human nature
To release such happiness
Especially on their wedding day
For a day like this will only happen once

Whatever vow they’ve said
Whatever promises they’ve made
Will from now on take place
There’s no turning back

“The journey we’re taking now is forever,
Me and you, you and me,
In your eyes i see my past, present, and future,
And in your heart my life belongs,
Hereon now,
And forever”

Photography & Videography by Twinception Productions  (IG & FB)

Make Up by Weddings by Mizyana (IG & FB)

Henna by Nurash Pengukir Henna (IG & FB)

Dais, Dress, and Hand-bouquet by Amirul Khursaini (IG & FB)

Cake by Cake Town Bakery (IG & FB)


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