Elinar & Danial

December 15, 2018

Who knew that a primary school reunion could bring two people together for life?

Elinar hosted a reunion event for her primary school friends back in 2010 after graduating SPM at a bowling alley in Wangsa Walk. After bowling and having a meal together, she exchanged her phone number with Danial. Not two weeks later, they went on their first date.

“I didn’t really expect anything from the reunion. It was just a chill event, you know? We went bowling and then had a meal. I really didn’t expect it to get this far,” said Danial, “I still remember where we went on our first date. It was at KLCC and Pavi. Things took off by itself from then.”

“When we first met during the reunion, I thought he was kind of an introvert and maybe he was trying to act cool,” laughed Elinar, “I just finished studying at an all-girls school for five years so I thought he was trying to impress me, haha.”

“After the reunion, I got home and looked for his MySpace to find out more about him,” said Elinar, “and I was disappointed to see that on his ‘Who I’d like to meet section’, he put ‘Velvet’. Little did I know that that was his cat’s name.” Danial laughed and said, “I thought she was really cool. When I met her I was like ‘Oh, this was the person who coordinated the event and talked to her. As I mentioned, I didn’t expect anything and I wasn’t thinking about having a relationship.”


But it all changed on his birthday, as she was the first person to bring him a cake.

“No one has ever given me something to remember on my birthday and one time, she brought me a Bisou cake after we watched a movie,” Danial smiled, “At that moment I was like, ‘Wow, she’s really into me?’ From then on, I thought to myself that she’s a definite keeper. If I can’t get married to her, I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else.”

As I got to know Danial, he became my voice of reason and would calm me down when I’m doing anything too hastily,” said Elinar, “I have a loud personality and I tend to live my life on the fast lane. When that happens, he’ll ask me to take a step back and to think about what I’m doing properly. He keeps me grounded. I was a very different person back then before I met him.”

As for Danial, Elinar is the one who constantly motivates him to do more. “She keeps me going and boosts me up when I find myself in a stuck. She’s there to motivate me on all things, from my work to education, to even decisions in life.”

When asked on the fondest memory, Danial said that his was when he throws surprises for Elinar. “She loves surprises so my favourite memory is always of her reactions and expressions when I surprise her. When I see how priceless it is, it just reminds me of all the reasons why I love being with her.

“As for me, it was when Danial visited me when I had a really bad stomachache when I was in Bristol. He came over with blankets and Chamomile tea. When he serves the tea, it was always with a slice of lemon on the side. It was incredible to me how caring he was and even though it was just a simple gesture. To me, it means a lot because it just shows how much he really cares about me.”

Since they’ve been together for eight years, there’s a lot of things that remind them of each other. “For me, it’s always when I travel to places near the seas and any large body of water. Elinar loves the sea and I will always remind myself to bring her there next time. She even convinced me to go snorkelling, haha.”

“I will always buy a sketchbook for Danial when I travel. Not only is it convenient but because when Danial used to study Architecture, art was his thing. Even before he started working, he’d always be sketching in his sketchbook.”

Their hopes and dreams for the future together is to learn and find enjoyment in the little things together. “I’m just really happy with the fact that I’m going to have a lifetime partner. Someone who I can really understand and give my life to the fullest,” said Elinar.

Danial replied, “Definitely. To have someone who you can talk and communicate with everyday. It’s really assuring when you know that you have someone beside you to understand all that you go through. That’s the best feeling of all.”

Videography & Photography by: Twinception Production