Wedding Theme — To Theme or Not To Theme?

Thematic weddings are all the rage now. It’s fun, Instagram-worthy, and it’ll be the talk of the town even weeks after the wedding is over.

Every couple deserves a wedding that will be remembered by all who attended

However, a wedding theme is not something mandatory. But it does give your wedding a little bit of personality and it’ll be a day where you can define your love in a unique way.

Not to mention that this will be a decision that you as a couple will have the most fun planning out.

Think of how much fun the guests will have when they arrive at your wedding and feel like they had stepped into a movie scene. Have them teleported into the magical world of Harry Potter or have them in the tea garden like in Alice in Wonderland.

Rich, Bollywood theme that’s filled with bold colours and majestic décor is a very popular theme for weddings

You want your wedding theme to be magical, special, and most importantly, memorable.

If you wish to include a particular theme into your wedding, plan out the wedding theme fairly early. By choosing a theme early, it allows you to have plenty of time to shop around. Design the invitation cards to fit the theme five to seven months before the wedding date.

Once invitation cards are received by your guests, this will give them a preview of what to expect during the wedding. This also means that you will be informing the guests of the dress code. If your wedding theme is Phantom of the Opera, you will have to tell your guests to wear formal evening wear.

Next up are the elements for the wedding. All these have to be taken into consideration so that the details and décor coordinate to the wedding theme. For the couples, choose the gown for the bride and the attire for the groom that is suitable (not only to the theme but also to the venue and religious reasons). Talk to your baker on how the cake will look like, choose the best table setting for VIPs and guests, discuss the kind of music, arrange the food presentation and plating and the overall arrangements.

You can plan your table arrangement with your wedding planner or by your own with your friends

If you’re planning to have a wedding theme, have a mood board complete with the colours you want to use and the elements you want to incorporate.

These can all be tailored to marry the theme to the wedding. You should decide on how much elements you want to include into the wedding theme, or you can discuss this with either your wedding planner or your friends and families who are helping you plan your big day. Bear in mind that the theme can extend to all elements but try not to overdo it. (This might just come off as tacky!)

Most importantly, select a wedding theme that is truly meaningful. Do not choose a theme that is picturesque but empty to the two of you. Discuss together which movie, book, or play that you both love at heart. Colours are considered a theme too – the bridesmaid’s dresses can coordinate to the groomsmen. Or the colour of the cake can be the same as your wedding dress and the groom’s boutonniere.

Matching the Cake with the Dress
You can also colour-coordinate your wedding like this couple. Photo by Yeirkif Abdullah

As much as you want your guests to have fun, remember that this is your wedding day.

Select a few wedding themes that are easy — our personal favourite is a beach theme, a Beauty and the Beast theme, a romantic and classic theme and a vintage theme. These themes are easy to plan out and the materials for the wedding are easy to find and available all year round.

If you’re planning to have a themed wedding, make sure you plan it out well and use any items that are available all year round.

Any obscure theme will only leave more questions than anticipations.

At the end of the day, this is a special day for you and your partner. So be bold but practical, be whimsical but make sure it’s affordable.

You want your wedding photos to portray the emotions and magic that happened on that day so make sure that the surrounding is just as magical in real life. The spotlight is on you and the love of your life, so have fun and make sure all your worries go away on the day! Be sure that the wedding theme revolves around what you and your partner feel most comfortable in, and it’ll all be something you cherish for the rest of your lives. 

As always, good luck.

Featured image by Shelly Pence on Unsplash

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