Unusual Camera Angles Pt. I – Bird’s Eye View

Welcome to the first chapter of our new blog instalment called Unusual Camera Angles!

We’re here to share with you some creative unusual camera angles that you can try.

Don’t worry, these tips and tricks are totally beginner-friendly! You can even use your camera phone to practice. Trying out unusual camera angles is a fun way to add interest and variety to your photos. This then allows your creativity to take place, resulting in a wide-range of effects and produce abstract images.

You can also make creative photos by doing some after-editing in Photoshop, VSCO, or Snapseed. The possibilities are endless!

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Photo by FOODISM360 on Unsplash

In today’s post, we’ll be talking about the bird’s eye view. This is a great angle for you to try when you want to get every detail in as possible.

By taking the photo from a bird’s eye view, you’ll be able to get everything in the frame. This is where you stand at the highest angle— set up above the scene, looking down. Imagine yourself as a hawk, gliding across the blue sky and seeing all the details from above. (Go to #birdseyeview for more inspiring photos!)

A bird’s eye view of a carpark.

If you follow social media influencers on Instagram, you’ll notice how they usually do a flat-lay to showcase their travel essentials, favourite perfumes, etc. (You can even search #flatlay for more gorgeous pictures.) This is a great way to incorporate the angle to become more appealing.

A flatlay of cakes from Kula Cakes.

Now, why is this angle considered unusual? It’s because we don’t normally go around looking down at our feet while walking, do we? You can even achieve this angle by standing and have your camera pointed downward towards your subject.

A bird’s eye view of a person typing on a keyboard. The notebooks are placed to fill in the frame better.

This angle is way beyond the usual daily angle that you experience. Hence making your photograph more interesting to look at.

It is also a great way to explore the light, angles, composition and qualities that are on your subject that might be missed if taken from another angle. Our videographers would also go to the extreme and use drones to achieve spectacular overhead shots.


But for us practising photographers (or videographers), we can use anything around our house to elevate our height in achieving one of this unusual camera angles.

Standing on a stool, stairs or ladder, a table, a countertop, climbing a tree, or taking your photo from a balcony is just some of the few ways that you can try to achieve the bird’s eye view.

Shooting objects from overhead allow you to see the objects in its geometric beauty. Their squares, circles, and lines become more prominent when you shoot directly from above. Have you been on a plane and look at the land from above? What flat becomes round when you see it from a different perspective.

Photo by Carlos T on Unsplash

This helps make the photo more pleasing when you take a photo of dishes on plates, bowls, or a cup of coffee.

Position your camera to be both centred and parallel from above to shoot an object from above. Use the grid from your camera or phone to align the object accordingly. You can set your grid by enabling the grid on your camera setting.

Now go forth and practice your newly learnt trick! You can share us your photos using this trick in the comment section of our Facebook post by clicking here!

Featured image photo by Gabriel Villena on Unsplash

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