Unique Wedding Door Gifts We Love!

Choosing wedding favours to give to your guests can be quite tough. After all, you’d want it to be cute, great memorabilia as well as practical.

We’ve rounded up six unique wedding favours you can present to your guests, from the sweetest of jams to the craftiest of handmade soaps.

1. Tea Sachets

Personalised Tea Bag Favours by JM Wedding & Services

Aside from water, tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world! This means that almost everyone loves a good cup of tea. And since your love is brewing (we couldn’t help ourselves!), these tea sachets are perfect for your wedding!

You can even personalise your tea sleeves with your wedding dates and a quote to commemorate the day with the help of JM Wedding & Services. Now you can tick choosing wedding favours off your list and unleash your creativi’tea’!

2. Measuring Spoons

“Love Beyond Measure” Measuring Spoon by Wedding Cottage Online

You can’t measure love but you can definitely get a recipe for it! According to this measuring spoon (with a cute heart-shaped head!), the best marriage requires a pinch of patience, a dash of kindness, a spoonful of laughter, and a heap of love!

Don’t worry, most measuring spoons that are custom-made for these wedding favours have the standard measurement on the back of their ‘measures of love’ inscription.

3. Umbrella

Credit: The Knot

If you’re having an outdoor wedding and the weather forecast doesn’t say friendly weathers, be practical! Not only will this wedding favour serve as a lifesaver for light rain and sunlight, but they’re also great photo prop.

The best thing is, everyone’s umbrella will be the same so there’s unity in the photos on your marriage day. Inscribe the details of your wedding day and names on the handle for your guests to remember that you saved them on a rainy day!

4. A recipe in a Jar

Photo by Jen Huang

If you and your significant other is a foodie or either one of you is a chef, this is definitely something memorable. A jar of ingredients isn’t quite hard to make, just be sure you’ve got only dry ingredients in the jar to avoid moisture or defects.

Choose easy recipes like a mug cake, small brownies or even a hot chocolate mix can be a delightful treat for this yummy wedding favour. You can then tag the steps to making it around the neck of the jar so your guest knows exactly what to do when they want a taste.

5. Jam

Fruit Jam Door Gifts by Sweet Door Gifts

If you’re in a jam (sorry not sorry!) to choose wedding favours, then choose exactly that! Have sweet jam with an even sweeter message on the tag to spread the love.

From blueberry, strawberry, and marmalade, there’s definitely a jam for you to choose for your guest. You can even choose to have your message on a tag or a sticker and choose to have a cute fabric cover for your jam for a picnic feel.

6. Mini Handmade Soap

We love handmade soaps, the organic scent and their cute packaging is definitely as pure and natural as the love in the air. Choose a bar of soap that is of your wedding colour and wrap them in a bag all tied with a personalised tag, making it a nice finishing touch to your wedding!

What’s best is that since it’s handmade, you can be sure that it’s friendly to a lot of skin. Now your guests can stay soapy and clean!

Do you like these ideas? Let us know in the comments if you have ideas for unique wedding favours!

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