5 Ways Groom-To-Be Can Stay Healthy Before Their Wedding

Guys, it’s 2019. Let’s face the fact that we’re not living in an era where men should go around like cavemen – with bad hairstyle, bad skin, and bad health overall. So if you’re getting married soon, it’s best you maintain your health now to make sure that you shine just as bright as the bride.

Taking Care of Your Skin

Everyone should pay good attention to their skin, it’s our biggest external organ and it shows (a lot!) if you don’t take care of it.

There’s plenty of good skincare products for men nowadays, and they have musky scents that men are sure to love (women love it too!). Our favourite skincare product is Bad Lab, where their best-selling product is the 3-in-1 hair, body, and face cleaner! You don’t have to think too much about buying one for each.

It’s also known that a man’s face is a lot coarser and more oil-prone than women’s. So if you’re cautious about what you put on your face because you have acne-prone skin or even sensitive skin, don’t be afraid to book an appointment to see a dermatologist. If not, you can buy a skin care product that suits your skin.

Be sure that you shower regularly too, wear enough deodorant and take care of your skin because we need them to glow, son! Be sure to drink plenty of water, cut down on smoking (we’re sure that all of you are abiding by the smoking ban rule… right?), and try to lower down your coffee or alcohol intake as it can dry your skin. And flaky skin is such a bad look for men.

Sleep Well Everyday

Getting 8 hours of sleep is every man’s dream. But with video games to play, futsal matches to partake in, and yum char sessions to attend, you can bet that your 8 hours of sleep will gradually become less.

A tired look is not the best look, and we’re sure the last thing you want is to look haggard and tired on your wedding day. So make sure you clock in enough sleeping time to stay fresh throughout the day. Just like how we advised the brides-to-be, stay away from your mobile phone 2 – 3 hours before sleep to ensure that you get a good night’s rest. This means the television too if you’re a gamer who plays at night.

Read a book before bed to keep you distracted from your phone. If not, you can make a list of all the things you need to complete before your wedding day. The wedding planning should be something that is done by the two of you so it’s a great way to help out those who are helping you with your wedding.

Being nonchalant about wedding planning is so not cool!

Watch What You Eat!

We know how much you love to eat whatever you want because ‘the weight never catches up on me.’ But it’s not good to continuously do so. Stay away from food that’s loaded in oil, deep fried, and even better, try to eat out less.

If you can, try to go on a diet together with your fiancé. It’s a great way to build a bond by eating healthy together. Try to cook your own dinner or make your own lunch. You can also order healthy food from DahMakan if you’re not all that about cooking.

But try to bungkus your food less and avoid eating too much Mamak food, it’s not going to do your body well in the long run and you’ll be happy you do so now.

Exercise Your Way To Good Health

If you’re getting enough exercise by going for a football match on Saturdays, badminton on Tuesdays, or a futsal tournament on Thursdays, that’s good and keep it up!

But if you’re not getting enough exercise because you spend at least 90-minutes in commuting your way to work, spending more than 8 hours at work; which is sadly a solemn reality for all of us, don’t think there’s no hope!

If you can, schedule 20 minutes of running after work before you shower and dinner – run for 1km around your park or neighbourhood. Alternate between running and walking fast to pace yourself instead of forcing yourself to run harder. Invest in a good running shoe because the last thing you want is to injure yourself before your wedding!

Good Hair Care

Take care of your hair by choosing good daily hair products, especially those that don’t leave your hair greasy or dry. Dandruff can happen to anyone and the main culprit is what we put on our hair. If you use hairspray, be sure to have one day where you don’t use it to let your hair breathe.

If you have a beard, use good beard oil to make sure that they are healthy. This is why it’s important to cleanse your face with good face cleanser, to make sure that there are no blocked oil-glands at the root of your beard hair. Wash and trim your beard (or moustache) so that it’s well-kempt and go for a facial once a month to cleanse your beards thoroughly. There are many facial spas for men around, just find the right one for you!

In a way, taking care of your health shouldn’t be as different as brides-to-be take care of theirs. But it’s important to know that just because people might pay more attention to the bride, this doesn’t mean you can slack.

We hope any of our readers who are grooms-to-be will pick up good pre-wedding self-preparation and be the best-looking groom on their wedding day!

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