What’s It Like Getting Married During Raya? 4 Readers Share Their Story With Us.

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Selamat Hari Raya! We hope you had a great time celebrating Raya with your family and loved ones, reconciled with those who you did wrong to, and most importantly – ate a lot of good food!

Now that the first week of Syawal has passed, it’s time for us to get ready to attend even more open houses this weekend. Also, not forgetting weddings that will take place during this month.

We think that there are so many things you can do if you’re planning to get married during Syawal month. First, you can spice it up by having Raya decorations instead of conventional wedding decorations. It’ll make the photoshoot session much cuter and quirky. Next, you don’t have to give kids attending duit Raya as sweets in a box will save you a lot!

If you’re getting married this Syawal, we would like to congratulate you on your wedding and wish you plenty of happiness and love throughout your marriage life!

Read along some of our responses from brides and groom on getting married during the month of Syawal.

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Husna – married on 25 August 2012 (7 Syawal 1433)

We chose to get married during the Raya month since it was the holiday season and it was easy to get all the relatives and friends to attend the wedding. I was lucky that everything went smoothly with the preparations as I had prepared everything three months prior to the wedding. I knew it was going to be hectic with Raya preparations so I planned it all out early to save time and avoid stress! Luckily we didn’t meet people who told us any ‘pantang’ about getting married during Syawal, even the Tok Kadi told us that it was a good month to get married in. Some might feel scared to get married during Raya month due to the fact that they might have other houses to attend but I can assure you that people will definitely attend your wedding and have fun beraya-ing at the same time! What’s not to like about celebrating two events?

Kimberly Jo Johnson – married on 9 August 2014 (13 Syawal 1435)

Our wedding was planned a year before, and my mother-in-law booked the hall for their side of the wedding on the 10th so our solemnization would be held a day before, which coincides with our in-law’s anniversary. I would have to say that I am blessed beyond measures because my mother is basically Wonder Woman. We also had help from our cousins, family members, and even our neighbours that one of the bulbs in our house overheated and burst while we were working. Most of my parents’ friends really helped to contribute and sponsor some of the things for the wedding – the bunga telur, door gifts, sweets and even my solemnization dress! It’s a blessing to have parents who have many helpful friends – especially my mum’s Quran students. We got to get the cards done on time, the door gifts were done a few days before the wedding, so it was a really smooth preparation. But one of the funniest scenario was when my mother-in-law told me that she’ll be buying the cloth for the dress for me and four months before the wedding I asked my fiancé when I’ll be getting the cloth and he told me, “Oh I forgot to inform you, we didn’t go around buying it. But I’ve got my outfit ready, have you?” It was so funny I forgot to laugh. If I could say the best thing about my wedding was the fact that I didn’t have to do any kind of work for three days, haha. I’d also like to add that I felt very beautiful because of the make-up and all the collagen I took before the wedding.

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Abdullah – married on 1 August 2015 (16 Syawal 1436)

We had a small engagement ceremony, which was initially supposed to be a merisik meeting. During the ceremony, our parents looked at us and asked us if we were okay with the wedding date and we went, “Bring it on.” Since everyone was on holiday and in the festive mood, along with some family members who were coming home from being abroad, it was a matter of convenience. The date was actually the main factor, so it was helpful that it was during Syawal. Right after the engagement ceremony, we looked for the caterer and other wedding needs. Luckily we found a caterer that provided us with a full package that included everything at a Wedding Expo. Really didn’t take us long to decide on that. But the biggest challenge was getting the other preparations done during the fasting month – getting the materials, goodie bags, sending the invitation out, outfit fittings, and the rest. Every weekend was filled with activity. We travelled a lot too, since the bride’s wedding will be held in Melaka, so fittings for that side of the ceremony had to be done on weekends, and we sent out invitations by hand so we really did travel a lot. Some people were surprised that we managed to pull it off in such a short time but we did it! If it’s one thing I will always remember is how festive it was. It went so smoothly – the journey from my grandparent’s house to the brides was short and the family members arrived on time. The mood everyone was in really made us happy, and the fact that everyone made our wedding the meeting point for Raya was really helpful for everyone. Some of them even joked that it was the biggest open house they attended that year! But of course, it was quite nerve-wracking to make sure it went smoothly. Especially how I kept fearing that the caterer wouldn’t show up but it turned out fine and we had the best day of our life.

Azwa – married on 15 July 2017 (21 Syawal 1438)

My husband and I were both students when we got married and we didn’t really have much of a choice as our semester starts mid-August. Our parents also wanted to make sure that everyone was available so we decided to get married a week after Raya. We planned everything at the end of April so there was a month before Ramadan to prepare and the rest was more to getting everything checked last minute during Ramadan. We did face a few challenges but managed to overcome them. The venue was booked for Raya open houses but we were lucky to have it available on our date. Door gifts were getting expensive due to limited stocks, but luckily one of our friends were in Vietnam so we got them to buy them there and pack them ourselves. We also had to rush our documents to the Pejabat Agama due to office hours and Ramadan constraints. I had the worst anxiety before the wedding, I had an enrolment interview the day before my wedding so I had a lot – too much – on my mind. However, during the wedding, everything went brilliantly (except when I had to borrow my cousin’s flip-flops because I had been walking bare-footed for hours as we didn’t have a pelamin). The vibe was really different, imagine celebrating two events in one day – Raya and your wedding! It was intense and memorable because everyone I love attended.

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Just like every wedding, it’s important to plan and prepare everything out at least three-to-six months prior to the wedding to make sure everything runs smoothly.

A little worry is good, but worrying too much may lead you to feel stressed and burnt out, which isn’t a very nice situation to go through. If you need help with certain things, make sure you talk to someone you trust and to communicate with everyone involved in the wedding clearly.

Finally, we’re thankful and more than happy to share these stories with you and we hope that this inspires some of you who would like a Raya-vibe wedding next year!

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