Artistic Wedding Photography – Choosing Your Style

What happens when you have the creative freedom to steer the wheels of your wedding photographs?

Photo by xiaole Zheng

Of course, the photographer is still the one behind the lens. But this is the chance where you as a couple can express your creativity in endless possibilities. As a result, artistic wedding photography can be achieved.

Composing an artistic and unique wedding photo isn’t as hard as you’d think. Not only can you opt for this for your wedding day photos, but it works well for pre-wedding photos too. Here are a few tips for you to turn your wedding photos from bland to grand.

For a start, you can look at other artistic wedding photographs online, usually on Instagram by going to the hashtag #artisticweddingphotography

When a photo draws you in, try to find a reason why it does. Is it because it exudes a quirky feel to it or is it because it represents how you are as a couple? If the two of you are goofy and lovable, you can pose in a whimsical way, or use props that are untraditional and completely fun.

Take inspiration from these photos. But do remember that even the most free-spirited and artistic wedding photography should reflect your personality as a couple. Don’t imitate the photos you see online just because it looks pretty. What matters most is that you’re comfortable.

Your photos will without a doubt come off as forced and overall ungraceful. You want the people who view your photos to feel the love you have as a couple. You wouldn’t want them to be confused by thinking what you want to portray or achieve, would you?

Make sure that it more or less matches the tone and theme of your wedding.

Photo by Álvaro CvG

If your wedding is held at an elegant golf and country club or a prestigious hotel, you wouldn’t want to have your wedding photographs to be of the two of you throwing beach balls in the hall. Save that for a beach wedding concept, where it is much more appropriate.

Opposite colours and contrasts can really help affect the feel of the photo and make it stand out more.

Have some contrast in your photos; stand in front of a bold-coloured wall in your wedding dress to have a more contrasting photo or have your photo taken in a garden of flowers to make the photo pop.

When it comes to choosing the best photographer to take the photos on your wedding day, research is key.

Photo by Pablo Heimplatz

You can follow their Instagram to see their style. If they have a website with their portfolio, that’s even better. This way you can really let them know how you want your photos to be taken. But remember, try not to imitate but instead work your way around the style. Photos are everlasting things.

Find a photographer that can help you put your vision on photos. Communication is key, don’t forget that.

As always, good luck!

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