8 Wedding Desserts To Have At Your Wedding

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We all know that wedding cakes are something that we should have for a wedding dinner. It’s custom to have a cake cutting ceremony at one’s wedding and it’s the best part of the wedding – seeing the towering cake and wishing that we’d get a slice of the cake!

Wedding cakes are beautiful and traditional, it’s the epitome of sweetness for any weddings and it can act as the centrepiece of every wedding decoration.

But there are also other options other than wedding cakes – especially if the bride and groom aren’t fans of cakes. My friend loves dessert but doesn’t fancy cakes as a sweet treat – but his wedding is coming up and he wishes that he has an option for a dessert tower other than a cake.

Like any good friend, I started to ask around if there were other options for this and I began to ask others about their opinions on wedding cakes. I found out that even though the wedding cake might be the most expensive, the tallest, the prettiest, the biggest, and the fanciest wedding cake is usually left untouched.

I know! It’s such a waste of good cake!

Most of the time it’s because it’s too pretty to be eaten or not a lot of people might like the icing or fondant. This is because wedding cakes have to withstand long hours being outside of the freezer so the ingredients that cover the cake will have to keep the cake fresh when it’s exposed to air. In turn, the cake will go dry and it’s a pity because wedding cakes are not cheap!

It’s usually the case when the bride and groom cut the cake but the guests never get to eat it. Ever wonder why?

This is because the part that is cut is the only part that’s made of actual cake. Sometimes, the other tiers are just styrofoam covered in fondant. That’s why we never get to have a slice as the part that’s cut is only meant for the couple’s family.

If you’re not someone who likes cake, do know that there are many other options that you can choose from.

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Cupcake Tower

Cupcake towers are the best and closest substitute. You can choose to have multiple flavours for your tower – unlike a wedding cake. And because the flavours can be mixed, the price of the tower might be half of what a wedding cake would cost. But if you’d still like the tradition of having a cake cutting ceremony, you can place a small cake at the top of the tower to initiate the custom.

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Macaron Tower

Macarons are elegant French confection that brings a whole new vibe to a wedding or event. I find macarons to be classy and premium desserts as it’s such a Parisian piece. With macarons, you can choose different flavours and colours! Some can be colourful, or if you’d like something more monochromatic, you can have vanilla macarons with gold leaves on the shells. And the best thing is, there won’t be any waste as it can be a dessert tower where everyone can get a piece (or two!). However, it can be slightly pricey – especially if you get it from bakeries that specializes in macarons.

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If you’re a fan of pavlova with fresh fruits on top, you can get an order of pavlova to be used for the cake cutting ceremony. They come in different shapes and sizes so you can have a pavlova tower or just one that’s in the size of a regular cake, or even pavlova cups and turn it into a tower. You can also choose the types of toppings with your fruit of choice. But I wouldn’t recommend this dessert option if you are having an outdoor wedding as the cream can melt and ruin the dessert, turning the meringue soggy after a while.

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Strawberry Covered Chocolate

If you and your partner both are not dessert fans and doesn’t have a sweet tooth but you’d still like a dessert centrepiece, you can opt for a strawberry covered chocolate tower. When decorated with fresh flowers, it will enhance the beauty of the tower and complements the colours of the tower. Wastage wouldn’t be a problem as everyone loves the combination of the sweet strawberry and creamy chocolate. If you don’t want to do a tower, you can have chocolate fondue with other marshmallow and other fruits as well.

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Madeleine Tower

Individually, Madeleine is stunning desserts with their distinctive shell-like shape. Decorated as a tower, it looks like a castle made of shells and will be an amazing showstopper. This dessert tower is perfect for teatime as the dessert goes well with coffee or tea. Since they’re sturdy on their own, this dessert can be used for both indoor and outdoor weddings. They also come in different flavours and usually, they’re not very expensive. If you’re looking for desserts that are simple without any cream, fillings or too OTT fancy, this flavourful yet stunning dessert will be perfect for your wedding.

Cream Puff or Croquembouche Tower

If your wedding is simple with not many guests and is an intimate one, this dessert tower option is perfect for that simple yet tasty and is a bite-sized dish. The filling for cream puffs varies and you can choose the ones you like and everyone loves this puffy goodness!

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Doughnut Tower

Who doesn’t love doughnuts! This tower allows you to choose different types of doughnut flavours and toppings and it’s easy for you to choose how you want it to look and taste like. You can choose a glazed doughnut for a simple tower or a centre-filled doughnut for a surprise tower! The best thing is, you can do this by yourself – arrange it nicely and place it in the middle of the dessert section and you’ve got your showstopping centrepiece.

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Mini Desserts

If you choose a mini dessert for your wedding, you can cut down on a lot of costs. Also, you can have take-away boxes so everyone can choose their dessert of choice to take home with.

We hope you like the list! It’s something we came up with to make sure that you won’t feel as though you will only need a cake for your wedding and you can go against being traditional for the best day of your life! However, you can still have a small cake for the cake cutting ceremony if it is something you want but be sure that the cake won’t go to waste and distribute them to the guests or your families during or after the wedding.

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