5 Best Things about Getting Married on Valentine’s Day

If it’s something that we all love at Twinception Production, it’s the celebration of love. Even after having documented so many love stories and weddings, we’re always in awe when love is all around.

This time, we’re going to talk about the perks that can you get from getting married on Valentine’s Day! From the discounted dinners at amazing restaurants to the sales on flowers and chocolates, we just love the day of love! Best of all – no one will ever forget your anniversary.

A Memorable Day
Holding a wedding on Valentine’s Day can be a memorable day for all who attend. All of your friends – married or single, can join and celebrate a day for you to profess your love. You can even go the extra miles and have your married friends renew their vows at your wedding.

Just be sure to book your venue very early – it’s known that hotels and restaurants get booked fast and full on Valentine’s Day! Have a theme for your wedding, be it a fun night filled with games and dancing or a romantic and intimate theme with a few close family and friends.

We are sure that your wedding day will be remembered for years to come.

No Such Thing As No Gift
With so many sales happening on Valentine’s Day, it’ll be pretty impossible to not get a gift for your significant other on your wedding anniversary. If you subscribe to any newsletter from companies such as Sephora, Tiffany & Co., and even Lazada, your inbox will sure be flooded with gift ideas!

Even if you’re not the most creative when it comes to gifts, you can be sure that you won’t be short of choices. No matter how you look at it, there’s definitely something for the two of you to get for each other on Valentine’s Day.

It’s An Event!
With your wedding on Valentine’s Day, you can be sure that it’ll be more like an event than just another day to celebrate. If the two of you are a couple who enjoys going on date nights and celebrating your anniversaries before your marriage, then Valentine’s Day is sure to be an eventful day!

With so many offers going on, you can create a full itinerary for the day. You can even take it up a notch by taking an off day from work on Valentine’s Day. Start the day off by making breakfast together, laze in bed before having lunch at a restaurant, watch a movie before dinner at a fancy restaurant and go bar hopping or attend an open poetry night at a cafe.

A Personal Affair
To most couples, Valentine’s Day might just be another day to celebrate… due to commercialism. Well, not for you! Celebrating your wedding anniversary in conjunction with this day is definitely going to feel more personal.

You can take into consideration that the explosion of flowers and chocolates everywhere is for the two of you.

If you let the servers know that it’s your wedding anniversary, they might even give you a cake on the house!


Having A Forever Valentine
We’re sure that there was a time where you dreaded Valentine’s Day. To see so many cutesy pictures of your friend with their girlfriend or boyfriend on your feed, seeing posters about Sales and other stuff that made you hate the day, without even knowing why.

Getting married on Valentine’s Day will mean that you will get to be the one posting the cutesy pictures of you and your significant other having the best dinner in town, receiving and giving the most beautiful gift to each other, and getting all lovey-dovey with your partner.


Marrying your soulmate is an adventure of a lifetime. Choosing your adventures together is a journey towards a beautiful marriage. We hope you celebrate your love with your loved ones today – no matter if it’s your wedding anniversary or not.

Let love fill the air this Valentine’s Day.

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