Top 5 Predicted Wedding Colours for 2019 (Part Two)

We’re almost halfway through 2019, and phew! How did time go by so fast?

In our last post, we talked about six colours that we predicted will be used for weddings during the first half of 2019. In this post, we’ll be talking about five other colours that’ll be used for not only wedding dresses and suits, but also table decorations and even stationery.

Let’s begin the list!

Emerald Green

I don’t know about you guys, but every time I see jewellery that is in this colour – I think of Princess Jasmine. There’s something mystifying about this deep green colour that enchants one’s eyes to look deeper into it.

Symbolizing balance and harmony, it is definitely a colour to use during a wedding, where two hearts are joined as one in a lifelong promise of love and commitment. The colour also associates strongly with nature and the environment; seen as a colour of luck, freshness, and renewal.

If you’re having a rooftop or outdoor wedding with emerald green as its main colour, you can pair it with navy blue, eggplant, quartz, and cream to create a fresh and vibrant environment that you and your guests will love.

Slate Grey

A colour born out of white and black, grey holds the attributes of both colours. It creates a cool, neutral and balanced colour that’s conservative and sophisticated. It’s also a timeless and practical colour, so if you’re at your wit’s end to choose a colour for your wedding, slate grey might be the best choice for you.

Pair the colour with navy blue and pale blush for a more standardized colour. You can also add in a few decorations in Carribean green for a pop of colour in a sea of neutral.

Ivory & Burgundy

These two colours pair together very well to create a classic and elegant wedding that’s fit for you being royals for a day.

Ivory, a neutral and relaxing colour that symbolizes purity and softness just as white, but with a warmer tone. Burgundy, a dark red with a purplish tinge that symbolizes controlled passion and energy combines the two colours well for a wedding of love and desire.

If you are wearing an ivory dress, your man match with a burgundy suit. You can also pair it with gold and emerald green for a more royal look.


Taupe, in its essence, isn’t a single colour, but a vast range of colours that derives from dark tan to brownish grey. A colour that’s easy to match with earthy tones yet doesn’t drown when paired with striking colours to bring out the best in it, taupe is a colour that’s best for grounded couples.

Pair this colour with charred clay, soft yellow and olive for neutrality and an earthy vibe. This colour is also perfect for a Bohemian-type outdoor or backyard wedding!

Veiled Rosé

Our last colour is a variation of pink and red, but with a softer look to it. Symbolizing grace and elegance, this colour is perfect for cute couples who adore being charming with each other.

It also describes femininity, refinement and sweetness that reflects a wedding of high-school sweethearts and college lovebirds. This colour goes well with its fuschia family of fiery flamingo, as well as rose gold, and white sand for a demure look and feel.

We’re happy to usher in the remaining half of the year with more beautiful weddings and engagements that will last a lifetime. If there are any colours you think might be reigning supreme in the year 2020, let us know and we’ll maybe write a post about it!

For the full list of reference, you can view them here. Featured Image by Jason Leung.

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