Top 6 Predicted Wedding Colours for 2019 (Part One)

With 2019 just around the corner, we decided to do a little predicting with the colours that will adorn all weddings in the coming year.

2018 spoiled us with romantic reds and deep dusty blue that are not only chic but look amazing in photos. Accompanying these colours were lush greens and florals – along with classic metallics.

This coming 2019, we are seeing green taking the lead (sage being a favourite) with pairings of neutral colours. Some of your favourite colours are still a favourite, we are talking about dusty pink and dusty blue.

Let’s get on with the list!


This grey-green hue resembling that of dried sage leaves are becoming the talk of the town. Perhaps 2019 will see more of this gorgeous muted green reign supreme for the whole year, quickly becoming everyone’s new favourite.

Pair them with neutral tones such as beige or light brown for a lighter mood and tone, or throw in a splash of coral for a gorgeous contrast of colour.

Dusty Pink

This fan-favourite colour will still be in the colour palette for weddings in 2019. It’s a frequently chosen colour due to its versatility, you can choose it for your wedding dress, decorations, hand bouquets, you name it!

You can pair them with gold for a chic colour combination or with blush for a soft romantic look.

Dusty Blue

The colour that is rose quickly in 2018 is not coming down the list anytime soon. This sophisticated blue pairs well with other hues of blue from its family colour. Our favourite is when it is paired with navy blue or even grey.

To make the colour pop, you can pair your dusty blue wedding dress with an all-white flower bouquet adorned with lush green leaves.

Berry Pink

If you’re a fan of fresh floral colours, then berry pink is the tone for you. It is suitable for all skin-tone and it looks gorgeous when paired with a bouquet with mixed reds. We think it will look gorgeous for bridesmaid dresses as well!

The colour might be a very bright one but it shouldn’t intimidate you. Pair it with gold for a rich look or with azure blue for a dazzling contrast of colour.

Dusty Orange

Orange is the new black! Nearing the end of May, we are predicting dusty orange to take the title for best wedding colour of 2019. Welcoming the summer with a muted orange will be more pleasing to the eyes, it’s more elegant and has a more mature feel to it.

Pair it with brown for an earthy natural tone or with gold for an early summer goddess look!

Sun Yellow

To fully celebrate and welcome the summer, (I know, Malaysia is already a year-round summer country but hear me out!) fresh and sunny yellow are coming to town! This colour is vibrant enough to make your wedding look as happy as you both feel on your special day.

Most colours are pairable with yellow. A deep crimson will give it a rich amorous feel whereas light blue will create a delicate and innocent look.

Are any of the colours here on your list for your wedding? Let us know in the comment below if there are any colours you think will be a top-favourite in 2019!

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