April 18, 2019

They say love knows no face, knows no borders and knows no age. That it could reach anyone it touches and it’ll find you no matter where you are.

This is true for Affika and Faiq, who met each other in 2016, once again briefly in 2017 and finally had the chance to know each other in 2018.

Now their path has finally crossed for the final time and it will lead them to a lifetime of happiness and love.

Can you share with us on how you two met?

“We first met on the summit of Gunung Irau, in 2016. A year after that, we met at the airport in September,” Affika began. “She had just landed and was waiting for her friend after coming back from Kota Kinabalu and I was going to Rinjani in Indonesia,” Faiq continued. “I was waiting for the bus to get home and I was waiting for my friend when he approached me and said, ‘Hey, aren’t you Suhana’s friend?’ I didn’t remember who he was and I asked him ‘You are?’ three times and that frustrated him. It was only after he told me his name that I remembered who he was. I went, ‘Ah! Okay, I sort of remember now. We met at Irau, right?'” Affika laughed.

“And then in March 2018, I invited her to an open camping trip to Batu Berangkai Waterfall in Kampar,” Faiq said. “He told me to bring a lot of friends, while jokingly telling me that he ‘might find his jodoh there.’ So I brought five of my girlfriends,” Affika continued, “We did all the pretty common things you did during a camp; we had a barbecue, swam at the waterfall, you know, all those common stuff. The trip lasted for two days and one night. I didn’t really notice that he was approaching me in an ‘I-like-you’ manner but all my friends told me that he was!” she laughed.

“I also asked for his age but he didn’t tell me. When I asked him ‘Do you know how old I am?’ he turned that question around and asked me instead! I was 28 at the time so I wasn’t sure, and I didn’t see him as a young guy. I thought he was my age,” she giggled and continued, “On the trip, his friend followed along and the friend told me that Faiq’s mum, who was a teacher taught him in school. That friend was a lot younger than I was, and he said that he was Faiq’s senior by one year. I thought to myself, ‘He can’t be that young!’ I really thought he was joking. But he really didn’t tell me his age until he finally told me.”

That’s cute! So how did you get attracted to each other?

Affika laughed and said, “If I may answer first, on the second day during camp, I thought to myself, ‘No wonder he invited me to go about with him, I think he does like me!’ He asked me to go with him to the waterfall, and we sat and talked for hours, even after everyone has left the area. We talked about everything, it was as though all the topics kept on flowing like the river. At that time, he opened up and talked to me about his family, and why he felt like he thinks it’s time for him to settle down and get married,” she smiled, “I really saw how honest and vulnerable he was. That was what got me attracted to him, that and his bravery!”

“Well, I saw that she was older than me. It was during our bonding time that made me realise how matured she was, so I got attracted to her during that Batu Berangkai trip, not before. After we got back from the open trip, I really wanted to get to know her better, which was why I thought to text. There was something about her that really attracts me, I can’t really say what. But I know that it was her wisdom that got me head over heels for her.”

Well, what about your favourite memory of the other?

“Well, it’s a funny one! It was when we first met, way back in 2016. During the trip, we had to park our car at the base camp and he drove his late mum’s car, it was such a huge car and he was taking up the narrow parking space,” she laughed, “So I said, ‘Why are you driving such a big car! Everyone needs to park too’ but he was so relaxed, just reversing and parking his car without a car. It was during the walk back to the basecamp that made me go, ‘Oh, it’s him’.” “That sounds more like an angry memory instead of a sweet one about me!” Faiq laughed, “Mine is definitely when my late mum got the chance to put the ring on her fingers during our engagement.”

That is very sweet! What about something that can just immediately remind you of the other?

“I think it will have to be hospitals, we spent a lot of our early dating days at the hospital. His late mum was in the hospital most of the time so we’d spend most of our times there,” Affika said, “When I travel to Ipoh to meet him, I’d spend half of the day at the hospital being with him and his late mum.”

Faiq smiled and said, “To me, it’ll be stubborn kids. Whenever I see kids in public who are stubborn, it’ll remind me of her. I’m not sure why, but maybe it has to do with her stubbornness with her independence.”

Since you have been together for a while, what’s something you’ve taken from the relationship?

“Well,” Faiq began, “I’m actually a very easily-anxious guy. Even though I have a calm demeanour. So she’s always there to remind me to rationalise my thoughts and emotions, without having me to act hastily. She gives me advice, most of them on things that matter to me. But sometimes I don’t listen. Haha.”  

“He teaches me a lot about being patient, especially with other people. We have to be balanced for each other, if I’m the one getting upset, he will calm me down and vice versa. But sometimes I guess with these young blood, we have to remind them to not get too emotional,” Affika replied.

What made you realize that this person was the one for you?

“Well, definitely when he asked me to marry him. I really thought he had the guts to approach a girl and go ‘Just marry me’, you know? Like I mentioned too, his honesty and bravery as well,” said Affika. “She and I are a very sudden couple, but it was really her maturity in taking things in that made me know that she was the one. It’s also the way that she carries herself and how we can just talk about all the serious life stuff. Her independence plays an important part, as well. But sometimes you just know that she needs you by her side to get her through the day,” Faiq replied.

Can you share with us how Faiq proposed to you, Affika?

“Well, after the trip was over, we didn’t stop messaging each other and one day he jokingly asked, ‘When are you going to come to eat my nasi minyak?’ So I answered, ‘Do you want me to cook for you?’ To which he suddenly replied with, ‘If you don’t have anyone, why don’t you just marry me?'” They both laughed and she continued, “The mood of the conversation turned from us joking to us being serious. He told me that he was serious and at the time, both of his parents were sick and I only got to know his late mum for a short time. I’m blessed that I got to know her, even for a while. And I made the decision to marry him because I kept thinking to myself, “This kid’s pretty brave!”

Before we stop, can you share with us some of your hopes and dreams for the future together?

“I hope she’ll reduce her stubbornness. Haha,” Faiq joked, “But in all seriousness, I hope that she’ll be a loving wife throughout our marriage.” 

"I hope he'll be a responsible husband, the one who can listen to other's opinions and take their advice no matter who they are, and a kind dad who'll be able to take care of me and our children."

Videography by Twinception Production